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Primo searching: Tips and Tricks

Tips and tricks for using the Primo discovery interface.

ISBN Searching

You can search by ISBN from the Primo basic search. Just be sure to remove spaces or hyphens in the number.

Refine My Results

Primo searches a vast amount of information, the filters you see on the left under Refine My Results are pieces of metadata related to your search result.  Because they are related to what you searched, the list of filters will change with every search.  Clicking on a filter narrows the results to just items that include the subject or author.

For example, say you are looking for a children's book about cheese.  If we search for "Cheese" we get 353,523 results (for more direct search routes to find a specific book click on the Quick Searches tab above, this example is to illustrate the functionality of filters).

You know you want to check out from the Foley Library, so the first filter you can click is "Foley Only", this will weed out electronic articles, resources, and holding in the other Gonzaga Libraries.  Now we have 22 results:

Next, we see there are books located in our Curriculum Collection, select that location on the filters list.

Now we only have two results, a much more manageable number to evaluate!
The Stinky Cheese Man looks like a good choice!


Finding Articles

Primo is a great resource for searching many of our database vendors at once. 

For best search results be sure to sign into Primo

Use filters on the left to refine your search, you can start with selecting Articles

When you find an article that looks interesting, click Online Options to connect to full text.

Multiple Versions

You may see this symbol in your results indicating Multiple Versions of a title. This can mean we have multiple copies of the book, or it can also include other formats of the same title, such as movies on DVD or audio books. 

If you do, click where it says, view other versions

Full Text eBooks at Foley