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Primo searching: Virtual Browse

Tips and tricks for using the Primo discovery interface.


In this era of technology, there is still much to be said for the value of walking through the library stacks, and coming upon a book you were not searching for.  Sometimes just the title, or color can catch your eye, and introduce you to a new idea, new author or new perspective.  While not a replacement for the full library experience, the Browse feature within Primo can also lead to the serendipitous discoveries... give it a try! You can browse by call number, author or subject.

Get Browsing

The Browse search is available to the right of the Primo search box, on the Primo homepage.

Select the list you would like to browse,

Click Browse, and explore the list of subjects. Clicking on a subject will return a list of books on that topic.

Author Browse

Author Browse is a great way to see all the books we have written by a particular author. 
This method returns a clean list of books by an author, but will not include books or articles about that author.

Browsing From Your Search Results

Our books are organized by LC Call Number, and those call numbers indicate the subject.  So when you find a book perfect for your research, click on the Virtual Browse tab to see other books in the same call number range.