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Philosophy: Books

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Library of Congress Call Numbers for Philosophy

Philosophy (General) B1-5802
      General works B69-99
      By period B108-5802
         Ancient B108-708
         Medieval B720-765
         Renaissance B770-785
         Modern B790-5802
            Special topics and schools of philosophy B808-849
            By region or country B850-5739
            By religion B5800-5802
Logic BC1-199
      History BC11-39
         By period BC25-39
      General works BC60-99
      Special topics BC171-199
Speculative philosophy BD10-701
      General philosophical works BD10-41
      Metaphysics BD95-131
      Epistemology, Theory of knowledge BD143-237
      Methodology BD240-260
      Ontology Including being, the soul, life, death BD300-450
      Cosmology Including teleology, space and time, structure of matter BD493-701
Ethics BJ1-1725
      History and general works Including individual ethical philosophers BJ71-1185
      Religious ethics BJ1188-1295
      Evolutionary and genetic ethics BJ1298-1335
      Positivist ethics BJ1365-1385
      Socialist ethics BJ1388
      Communist ethics BJ1390-1390.5
      Totalitarian ethics BJ1392
      Feminist ethics BJ1395
      Individual ethics, Character, Virtue BJ1518-1697
      Ethics of social groups, classes, etc.  Professional ethics BJ1725

Finding Books by Subject

Beyond Foley

If you can't find the material you need at Foley Library, check WorldCat, a database of titles from libraries worldwide. WorldCat allows you to locate your desired materials (books, movies, music, etc.) at other area libraries, or order them to be delivered to Gonzaga for free through our Interlibrary Loan service, ILLiad.