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Accounting: Videos

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Sample Video From Films on Demand

Selected Accounting Titles on DVD

Black Money (PBS) - General Collection 2nd Floor HV6768.B53 2009
Description: "Examines the shady world of international bribery, revealing how multi-national companies create slush funds, set up front companies, and make secret payments, all to get billions in business."

Lean Accounting (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) - General Collection 2nd Floor HF5657.4.L43 2005
Description: "This program from SME's Manufacturing Insights® video series explores how lean accounting supports a lean enterprise and its role in offering data that enhances continuous improvement, value stream analysis, and performance. Learn who, what, why and how the lean management accountant can become an agent-of-change within a business enterprise."

Tax Me if You Can? (PBS) - General Collection 2nd Floor KF6297.5.T39 2004
Description: "The tax shelter was one of corporate America's biggest hidden profit centers in recent years. Shelters have become so lucrative that some experts estimate as much as $50 billion is lost to the U.S. Treasury each year. And ordinary taxpayers wind up footing the bill."

Sample Video from Media Education Foundation

The Overspent American by Media Educaiton Foundation, 2004 (32:09)