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International Studies: POLS 363/INST 395


This page has been designed for Laura Brunell's course on Global Gender Regimes. This focuses on the lives of women across the globe in positions in government and in the private sphere.

Resources that help this course will be listed below and updated periodically.

For specific help with these courses, feel free to make an appointment with subject bibliographer: Caitlin Bagley


Database Searching

Using most Ebsco Databases you'll see a box similar to this, where you can use AND OR NOT to help you find the best results

You can combine search terms to help you find better results or limit out those that are not useful.


Vetted Popular Media Resources

Newspapers + News Sources

Searching in LexisNexis

LexisNexis is a great tool for you to use to find news articles from around the globe that will help you with your research, but it is not always the most intuitive to search. Use these tips to find exactly what you're looking for:

LexisNexis covers a wide range of topics from news, legal cases, and company information. Selected the box titled: "Search the News"

It should expand out when clicked to offer more search options.

Search for your specific news item here. You can also put in a specific source type if you know that you only want results from a specific publication. However, when doing a general search leave it on "Major World Publications" to get a sense of the scope.

After you have retried results in your search you will be able to filter results by publication, date, language and to search within the results.