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Religion: Reference Shelf

Taken during summer orientation at the beginning of the student's entry into the Master of Arts in Theology and Leadership program, RELI 505 provides an introduction to foundational theological questions related to Christian leadership and organizational

Online Reference Sources

Bible Dictionaries

Anchor Bible Dictionary - REF BS440.A54 1992

Harper's Bible Dictionary - REF BS440.H237 1985

Oxford Companion to the Bible - REF BS440.M434 1993

Theological Dictionary of the New Testament - REF BS2312.K513 1985

Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament - REF BS440.B5713


Bible Commentaries

Harper's Bible Commentary - REF BS491.2.H37  1988

Interpreter's One Volume Commentary on the Bible - REF BS491.2.I57 1971

Jerome Bible Commentary - REF/STACKS BS491.2.B7 1968

New Jerome Biblical Commentary - REF/STACKS BS491.2.N485 1990

Peake's Commentary on the Bible - REF BS491.B57 1962

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Catholic Church Documents

Catechism of the Catholic Church - REF BX1959.5.C384 1994b

Commentary on the Documents of Vatican II - REF BX830 1962.Z913 1967

Concise Guide to the Documents of Vatican II - STACKS BX830 1962.R88 1968

Documents of Vatican II - REF BX830.1962 A3 G3 1966b

Papal Encyclicals: 1958-1971 - REF BX860.P3 1740-1981

Papal Encyclicals in Their Historical Context - REF BX869.A36 1963

Papal Pronouncements: A Guide: 1740-1978 - REF BX850.C27 1990

Vatican Council II: the Conciliar and Post-Conciliar Documents - REF BX830.1962.A3F55 1992

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Almanacs - Catholic

Catholic Almanac - REF AY81.R6N3

Catholic Encyclopedia of the Vatican and Papacy - REF BX955.2E53  1999

Handbook of Catholic Theology - REF BX1745.5.L4913 1995

New Catholic Encyclopedia (print) - REF BX841.N44 2003

New Dictionary of Catholic Spirituality - REF BX2350.65.N49 1993

Islamic Studies resources

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Almanacs - General

Concise Dictionary of Early Christianity - REF BR95.K395 1992

Dictionary of Comparative Religions - REF BL31.D54 1970

Encyclopedia Judaica - REF DS102.8.E5 v.1-16, 1971

Encyclopedia of African American Religions - REF BR563.N4E53 1993

Encyclopedia of American Religions - REF BL2525.M449 1996

Encyclopedia of Early Christianity - REF BR162.2.E53 1997

Encyclopedia of Religion - REF BL31.E46 1987

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion - REF BL31.E5 1979

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation - REF BR302.8.O93 v.1-4, 1996

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Modern World

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Religions of the World