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Policies and Services @ Foley Library: Collections & Donations

Collection Development Policy

Collection development involves the selection of materials for the Foley Center Library as well as the maintenance of the collection including weeding, replacements, and assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the collection. At Gonzaga collection development is a cooperative venture of the Foley faculty and teaching faculty with the Collection Development Librarian overseeing policy and overall development of the collection. Faculty work with the appropriate library subject bibliographers on collection needs and priorities.

All members of the Gonzaga community are encouraged to recommend titles for inclusion in the collection. Materials selected should reflect the curriculum and disciplines taught at the university with primary emphasis on our undergraduate students. A copy of the Collection Development Policy which details collection history, acquisition and guidelines is available below to download or from the Collection Development Librarian.

Note on Privacy: If you ask the Foley Library to notify you when a requested item arrives, your name will be associated with the title in our records. Although library policy is not divulge the identity of a title's requestor, should a government agency legally require this information we will be forced to supply it. If you do not wish for this information to be available do not fill in the "Requested By" box on the online form. Of course, in this case we will not know who you are and will not be able to notify you when the item is ready to circulate.

Purchasing of library materials is done by the Acquisitions staff of Materials Management.

All questions regarding collection development issues should go to:

Linda Pierce
Associate Professor
Acquisitions and Collection Development Librarian

Request a Purchase

Use the forms below to ask Foley Library to purchase an item. Please review the Collection Development Policy for information about submitting a request. Contact Linda Pierce with questions about purchases.

Donation Acceptance Policy

The policy at Foley Center Library is to accept any donation with the understanding that the materials are ours to keep or dispose of as we see fit.  Once the items arrive, they are checked against the collection to see if we already have them and also are examined by a librarian to determine whether the donated materials support the curriculum.  The librarian then decides whether to add them to the collection.  If a donation is determined to be a duplicate, out of the scope of the curriculum, or unsuitable for an academic library, we will give it away.  We are unable to return items to donors.  If you have questions related to gifts or donations to the library, please contact Linda Pierce, Acquisitions Librarian, at 509-313-3834.