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Policies and Services @ Foley Library: Reservable Spaces

Group Study Rooms

The library has several first-come, first-served group study rooms on the second floor east, inside the DREAM testing center. Groups of two or more students always have priority for these spaces. While these rooms are marked as "green" noise zones, please respect the noise levels of surrounding areas when entering and exiting the study rooms. Close the door when the room is in use.

The library also has several group study rooms, media viewing rooms, and digital media study rooms which can be checked out for 1-hr, 2-hr, or 3-hr periods. These rooms are located on the second floor west, and can be checked out at the Circulation Desk on the main floor. To reserve a room, call 313-5803 or use the library catalog to reserve a room online.

All group study rooms in the library are for the exclusive use of Gonzaga students, faculty, and staff. Visitors, students of other institutions, alumni, and Gonzaga Law students are not permitted to use group study rooms.

Faculty Carrels

A small  number of enclosed faculty study carrels are available on the third floor of the Foley Center. These will be available for semester-long projects requiring extensive library use -- faculty may request the use of the study carrels for relevant sabbatical projects. Applications are available from the Chair, Gonzaga Research Council. Contact the Library Administrative Offices, (509) 313-6533 for further information.

Greenan Boardroom

Scheduling of the Greenan Board Room on the third floor is handled in the Library Administrative Offices by Elaine Baierl, x6533 or Karen O'Shaughnessy, x5398.

Rare Books Reading Room

The Rare Books Reading Room located on the third floor of the Foley Center is available to reserve for certain campus events. This beautiful, brightly-lit space is ideal for hosting parties and receptions ranging from casual to elegant. For more information and to book the space, please contact Karen O'Shaughnessey at x5398 or by email.

Media Editing Room

Gonzaga students, faculty, and staff may reserve the lower level Media Editing Room (room 005) for up to 3 hours at a time. The key can be checked out at the Circulation Desk and the room may be reserved by calling 313-5803 or by using the library's catalog to reserve online.

This room contains the following software and hardware: Office 2010, Adobe Creative Master Suite, Blu-Ray player/burner, DVD burner, HD camera, and a speaker system.

The room is overseen by Technology Education Services, and questions or problems regarding the room should be directed to 313-3810.