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Circulation & Reserves: Reserves

Reserves Specialist

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Molly McFadden

Where do I Find Materials on Reserve?

Reserve materials are located at the Circulation Desk and can be checked out by anyone presenting a valid ID card. Reserve materials cannot be renewed. Reserve items have various check out periods ranging from 1 hour to 3 days.

Please note that reserve items accrue overdue fines at the rate of $1.00 per item, per hour.

Electronic and physical reserve records will be collected by course name as a Reading List available directly through Leganto or as a link in Blackboard. They can also be searched for through the Course Reserves tab from the Foley Library home page.

How do I Place Items on Reserve?

Gonzaga faculty, administration, or official University organization (including Committees and Clubs) may place materials on reserve to support classroom assignments, coursework and organizations. Reserve materials are kept at the Circulation desk and can be checked out by anyone with a valid ID card. Items eligible for library reserve include:

  • Books, DVDs, and other materials from the Foley Library collection
  • Instructor's personal copies of books and other materials
  • Printed copies of articles, test examples and study guides

All material placed on reserve must comply with federal copyright guidelines.

  • To place items on reserve fill out the Reserves Request Form. You may also fill out a paper form at the Circulation Desk.
  • Please allow enough time for your materials to be processed before assigning reserve readings to your students. At the beginning of a semester, processing may take up to three working days.
  • If you are interested in having your reserves accessible online, contact Molly McFadden.
  • For more information, see our Library Reserves Policy Statement below.

If you have questions about reserve material, contact Molly McFadden, Circulation Assistant: x3850,

Reading Lists

For questions, assistance, or to set up a new Reading Lists, contact us at

Library Reserve Policy Statement

The following policy governs Reserve Service at the Foley Library:

  •  Any member of the Gonzaga University faculty, administration, or official University organization (including Committees and Clubs) may request that an item be placed on Reserve at the Foley Library Circulation Desk. 
  •  All materials placed on reserve will be for the non-commercial, educational usage of the Gonzaga University community.  There will be no charge for access to reserve materials; the charge for copies made by students will be limited to the nominal costs of photocopies or computer print-outs.
  •  The Library adheres to the U.S. Copyright Law and accompanying fair use guidelines.  The library will not place materials on reserve without permission of the copyright holder if the nature, scope, or extent of copying is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.
  •  Reserve list forms can be forwarded on request through campus mail, picked up at the Circulation Desk, or completed online.  Requests for reserve services need to be submitted at least one week before the materials are to be used.
  •  Lists are processed in the order received, and every effort is made to have materials on reserve in a timely manner.  Reserve materials are processed Sunday -Thursday, 1 pm – 9 pm.  Materials submitted during the first week of a semester may take up to a week to be processed. 
  • The number of copies placed on reserve should be reasonable for the number of students enrolled.  No more than 5 copies of a copyrighted article will be accepted for reserve.   For large classes (more than 50 students), one copy for each 10 students will be accepted.  The library may make exceptions for classes that rely heavily on videos and DVD’s.
  •  All items are barcoded and listed in the Library’s catalog – searchable by author, title, or reserving professor or course name. Journal articles may be placed on reserve only in photocopy form, and these copies must be made at departmental expense.  A copyright notice will be placed on all photocopies to be used for reserve material.
  • Personal materials may be placed on Reserve with the knowledge that, while security is provided, loss or theft is a possibility and the library will not be responsible in such an event.
  •  The following may not be placed on reserve:
    • Material borrowed through Interlibrary Loan from another library.
    • Material borrowed from video rental stores.
    • Unlawful copies of items.
  •  All materials will be removed from reserve after the last day of the exam period unless requested be removed earlier to be left on reserve.  Materials from the Library’s collection are returned to their original location; personal items not picked up at the Circulation Desk will be returned via campus mail.  Space limitations do not allow material to remain in the library. 
  •  At the end of spring semester all reserves, with the exception of reserves for summer session classes, will be taken off Reserve and returned to the appropriate location or instructor.