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Spokane: Local and Regional Information: Government

Fun, interesting and helpful information about community and services in Spokane and the Inland Northwest.

Demographics & Statistics

Spokane Neighborhoods & Councils

Spokane City Neighborhoods: Includes information about neighborhood councils, meetings, events, and code enforcement.

Selected websites for specific neighborhoods (complete list at Spokane City Neighborhoods, above):

Logan (Gonzaga area)


Downtown Spokane

East Central

South Perry

Garland District

Browne's Addition

South Hill Coalition

Southgate Neighborhood Council

Spokane Government

Spokane Community Court: Located weekly at the Downtown branch of the Spokane Public Library. "The Community Court collaboration expands the type of assistance available at the library. From 10:30 – 1:00 each Monday, meeting room 1B and the far end of the gallery space are populated with small tables that are staffed by representatives from various service agencies in Spokane. Instead of having to go to each agency separately, participants in Community Court can walk next door and talk to several service providers in one visit. One-stop shopping. They also get lunch (usually donated from First Covenant Church) as an incentive to come and to make sure participants don’t go hungry."

Spokane County: county governance, data, events, and services

Spokane Tribal Council: governance for the Spokane Tribe of Indians

City of Spokane: city governance, data, events and services

Spokane City Council