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Library Instruction Team

From left: Kelly Jenks, Caitlin Bagley, Linda Pierce, Theresa Kappus, Anthony Tardiff, David Kingma, Stephanie Plowman, Kristy Nowak, John Spencer, Joanne Percy.


Frances Chu                             

Library Instruction Labs

Foley Center Library has three instruction labs, West, East A, and East B. All are on the main floor of the library.  West Classroom has 30 workstations. East A and East B have movable furniture and plenty of outlets to plug in personal devices. A and B can be combined to accommodate larger classes.

Primary Purpose of the Library Instruction Labs: The primary purpose of the library instruction labs is for information literacy instruction or workshops taught by a librarian.  When the labs are not in use for a library class or workshop, they are open for use by Gonzaga students for study and research.

Non-Library use of the Labs: Library instruction labs are not available as a location for regular classes. However, other departments may schedule a lab for a one-time class, meeting, or workshop at the discretion of the Library Instruction Coordinator.  

Instruction Labs Food Policy: The Food Policy for the library applies to the instruction labs. Covered beverages and snack foods are permitted. Hot, messy, or smelly food is not allowed.


To request a library instruction session, please fill out this form.

To inquire about use of a library  lab for purposes other than library instruction, email: Please describe the purpose of the event, the desired date and time, and the number of people expected.

Library Instruction Coordinator:   Kelly Jenks, Associate Professor / / 509-313-3829

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About Us

Library Instruction Mission Statement

The goal of the instruction team is to develop information competence in our students, preparing them to be life-long learners able to contribute to intellectual and social progress.

The library instruction team is here to help students and faculty navigate the world of information literacy. See our contact info to schedule an instruction session.

Contact Us

Kelly Jenks Coordinator 509.313.3829 
Caitlin Bagley 509.313.6529
Frances Chu
Shenae Hennagir-Barkas 509.313.6539  
Theresa Kappus 509.313.3820
Stephanie Plowman 509.313.3847
John Spencer 509.313.6110
Anthony Tardiff 509.313.3844