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Policies and Services @ Foley Library: Policies Home

Policies at Foley Center Library

Welcome to the library policies guide for Foley Center Library at Gonzaga University! We are an open building that serves the Gonzaga community, researchers from other academic institutions, and the general public. In order to provide library services to all our patrons and to best carry out the complimentary missions of Gonzaga University and the library, we have a number of policies regarding use of the Foley Center and its resources.

In the interest of maintaining a safe, clean, productive, and welcoming library, all users of Foley Center are expected to comply with these policies at all times. If you have any questions about these policies or anything else to do with the library, please contact us. Thanks for stopping by!

Foley Center Library's Mission Statement

Opening Doors to a World of Information With EASE: Environment, Access, Service, Education

Environment: The Foley Center Library provides a physical, intellectual, and social environment where creativity, collaboration, and scholarly pursuits can flourish.

Access:The Foley Center Library collects, preserves, and organizes a diverse array of information and scholarly resources to facilitate open inquiry and information retrieval.

Service:The Foley Center Library supports the members of the University community in their intellectual endeavors.

Education: The Foley Center Library equips users with the tools to locate, evaluate, and synthesize information.