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Refworks: Importing References from the Old RefWorks

Importing References from Your Old RefWorks Account

Start by Creating an Account in the new RefWorks system, then come back here to migrate your references from the old system to the new.

You only need to do this step if you have an account with the old version of RefWorks and want to move your citations over to the new version.

If you have never used the old version of RefWorks, you can skip this process, and go straight to How to Use the New RefWorks.

How to import references from your old Refworks account to your new RefWorks account

1. After logging in to the new RefWorks, click the + sign at the top of your RefWorks window, and then click "Import References"

2. Click RefWorks

3. Click Authorize

4. Log in with your old RefWorks account info

5. You're done! All your old RefWorks references and folders are now in your new account.

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