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Library Instruction Mission Statement

The goal of the instruction team is to develop information competence in our students, preparing them to be life-long learners able to contribute to intellectual and social progress.

The library instruction team is here to help students and faculty navigate the world of information literacy. See our contact info to schedule an instruction session.

Library Instruction During COVID-19 

For the duration of the COVID-19 emergency, we will be offering library instruction primarily online. Here are our main options:

  • Fully synchronous instruction (typically via Zoom), which would be the closest analog to a "typical" library session from years past. 
  • Fully asynchronous instruction, involving multiple components such as videos, guided online activities, and other materials created specifically for your class.
  • hybrid of these two options, such as a “flipped classroom” model: students complete some work, possibly watching a video or doing a short activity before meeting with the librarian synchronously for further instruction and support.
  • Online Library Orientations (“OLOs”), a more hands-off model of instruction, covering the basics of available library services and online research at Foley. [Link.]
  • We also always offer individual research consultations via Zoom [link]. This is always a good option to inform your students of, although it’s not usually a great replacement for an instruction session.

We create all of our materials specifically for the classes we work with, taking into account your intended course and assignment outcomes, our own library instruction outcomes, and the needs of the students depending on their year and area of study. We work in partnership with Disability Access and EITA to make sure that our material is accessible for you and your students.

Library Instruction Labs

Foley Center Library has three instruction classrooms on the main floor of the library:

  • West Classroom - 30 PC workstations, 1 instructor station with wall monitors.
  • East Classrooms (A & B) - Movable furniture, outlets for personal devices, 2 instructor stations with wall monitors. Partition can be opened to accommodate large classes in a single room.

To request an instruction session, please  click the button above or contact the Library Instruction Coordinator at or at 509-313-3829.

While not available as a location for regular classes, departments outside the library may schedule a lab for single uses such as a one-time class, meetings, or workshops at the discretion of the Library Instruction Coordinator.

Please note: library instruction labs will be closed for the duration of the 2020-21 school year, due to social distancing requirements on campus.

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