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Coming Home: Father J. Alfred Carroll and Gonzaga's Amerasian Education Program, 1980 - 2010: Case 4

Case 4: Program

The Gonzaga Amerasian Education Program began in 1980 with the sponsorship of three Korean Amerasian students. As the years passed, the program grew and became the center of Amerasian advocacy in America. The students lived together in the ‘Father Keane House,’ named for Father Alfred V. Keane. The community the students built was tightly knit, as they shared similar experiences and hardships throughout their lives. The students were involved in the larger Gonzaga and Spokane communities as well, and they learned how to live and thrive in America during their time in the program.

Seong-woo Hong (middle) and his Host Family, Fall 1980.

The first three Amerasian students lived with Spokane families in a homestay program, but when the program grew, Gonzaga purchased a house for them to live in called the ‘Father Keane House’.

Gonzaga Student Eddie Choi, Fall 1980.

Maureen O'Keefe (left) and Fr. Al Carroll, S.J. (right) eating a meal with relatives of Christina Choi, Seoul, August 1980.

Gonzaga Student Jini Choi, Fall 1980.

"A Korean Dinner for the Jesuit Fathers," Menu, November 14, 1981.

The Korean Amerasian students held a dinner to thank the Jesuits at Gonzaga. The students cooked traditional Korean dishes such as Mandoo (dumplings) and Japchae (noodles).

Amerasian students with Fr. Alfred Carroll, S.J. (back row, 2nd from left), in front of the Crosby Library, 1981.

Kevin Kim wearing Korean clothing at the International Banquet at Gonzaga, Spring 1982.

A Binder with Accounting Records, 1983.

A binder containing the financial notes of Father Carroll concerning the Amerasian Program. Funding the Amerasian Program was a difficult and complex process.


Father Carroll and Amerasian Students, 1984.

'Gigab' (Korean Wallet), ca. 1985.

A mass-produced wallet from Korea that was sold in Spokane to raise money for the Gonzaga Amerasian Program.

"Coming Home to the Land of Their Fathers," ca. 1985.

An informational pamphlet about the Gonzaga Amerasian Program.

Gonzaga Students Eddie Choi and and Alfsonso Spencer at the Father Keane House, Spring 1985.

Alfonso Spencer wearing his ROTC gear, ca. 1985.

Some of the Amerasian students at Gonzaga joined ROTC and hoped to enter the US military after graduation.

Mass Conducted by Father Carroll and Fr. Jung, ca. 1997.

Gonzaga’s Amerasian Program would sometimes host Spokane’s Korean community and perform mass in both English and Korean.

Augstine and Norma Lee Walsh's Wedding at Gonzaga

Two of Gonzaga’s Amerasian students, Augustine and Norma Lee Walsh, got married in Spokane.