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Library Resources & Reopening Updates During COVID-19: Student Academic Support

Gonzaga Campus library closure information for students and faculty.

Student Support for Academic Success in an Online Environment

Turning in handwritten papers | Zoom for online meetings | Blackboard | Accessible documents in Blackboard

Students Support Article

Student Support Offices and Resources

August 25, 2021 Lindsey Spencer

This Gonzaga story includes links to all student support offices and resources available on campus.

Upload hand written files

Have a handwritten document that you need to submit online?

handwritten image to PDF file

There are several apps to help turn a physical document into a PDF file to submit as assignments.

Adobe Scan mobile app is free and will work on all devices to scan your documents and convert them to a PDF format.

iScann for Apple devices and Microsoft Office Lens for Android devices are two other options.


Zoom LogoAll faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students have a Zoom Pro license.

Zoom allows online video conversations between two to 100 people - this may be a great solution for group work, class meetings, and communicating with departments on campus. Your instructors may have Zoom integrated in Blackboard courses and use it for "office hours."

Note: Only the person who starts a meeting needs a Zoom account - anyone else can join the meeting by meeting invite link.

There are multiple ways to access Zoom:

Zoom in Blackboard

Many instructors will be using Zoom for class meetings. If this is the case for any of your classes, you will see a link to join the meeting in the Blackboard course.

Zoom online

You can go directly to to log in to your account - use your Gonzaga username and password.

Zoom appLog In screen from phone - select the SSO option

When signing in to the app:

  1. select the SSO option
  2. enter the Gonzaga domain:
  3. enter your Gonzaga username and password

Gonzaga's Zoom support pages


Blackboard login:

Blackboard student help:

Specific Blackboard support topics:

Accessible Content in Blackboard

For quick and easy access to alternative formats, click on the  Ally Icon  at the end of any attached file on BlackBoard.

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) improves your text, allows you to copy and highlight your PDFs, and allows assistive technology (ex. Text to Speech software) to engage with the document. 
  • HTML formats improves the responsivity to screen size, whether you are on a TV screen or phone device, use the HTML format to obtain responsive text.
  • ePub format allows you to download an ePub version for easier use in other applications (ex. Opening the PDF in kindle reader to access text to speech options).
  • Electronic Braille format for faster, tactile reading.
  • MP3 Audio version to listen to the text.


Contact with any questions. 

Foley Departments and Resources:

Library Support

The friendly librarians and staff are ready to help with your research questions!

Check their page for current information and support options: Library Student Support


Center for Student Academic Success

Change of major advising, course progression advising, GU policy clarification, general university navigation

Disability Access
Establishes accommodations for students with disabilities

Learning Strategies/Tutoring
Tutoring, learning assistance, time management, study skills, online learning strategies
Online tutoring:

Writing Center

The Writing Center strives to assist students of Gonzaga University in developing their skills as writers who communicate across and beyond the curriculum.



Academic Technology Applications Support is here to help!
Please contact us with any questions or issues with the following products:

Digital portfolio system

Online survey platform

Originality checker used for assignments

IT Support

Submit or track technical requests:

Call 509-313-5550

Email requests:

Questions and Suggestions

Be kind to one another