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Online & Distant Students: After Graduation

Library services and tips for students enrolled in online and off-campus programs.


ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR DEGREE, YOU MAY ASK:   mortar board and diploma

Can I still check books out of Foley Library?

If you want to borrow books from Foley Library, you will now need a Community Borrower card.  There is a $35/year fee which is waived for current members of the Gonzaga Alumni Association. For more information see our Circulation Policies

Can I still use the online databases? 

Sorry, no. Access to library databases is determined by our licensing agreements with vendors. Off campus access is restricted to current students, faculty, and staff of Gonzaga University.  However, if you are on campus, you can access the databases on the library's designated Visitor Computers. See Visitor Policies.

Can I still use my digital portfolio after graduation?

Alumni of Gonzaga can get a Foliotek account for a deeply discounted price. Please contact ATAS Support  about getting a Gonzaga affiliated alumni account if you want to continue using your digital portfolio after graduation.

Where can I go if I need to use a database or interlibrary loan?

  • Public libraries also have databases and interlibrary loan services. Get a local library card and ask about available services.
  • Academic libraries and state universities usually offer some services to visitors, such as using online databases when you are in the building. Off campus database access and interlibrary loan services are not provided to the public. However, if you live near a public university, you may be able to get a library card and check out books.