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Library Survival Kit: Database Searching!

Your survival guide for online library resources from Foley Library.

Library databases work a little differently than Google. At first, they might seem tricky, but once you have a handle on how they work they are actually very easy.

In particular, there are four simple tools that work in most databases and which will make your research life way easier. Below, you will find a handout listing these tools, and an interactive tutorial which walks you through them. If you have had library instruction before, the handout should be a nice refresher. If you have not had library instruction, we recommend you take the tutorial, which will teach you about the tools inside a live database you can test them out in.

Database Power Tutorial

Click here to access the interactive tutorial which will walk you through how to search library databases:


The four tools detailed in the tutorial will, no joke, speed your research up about tenfold, and make your searches much more targeted and accurate. 

Take the tutorial, finish the exercise, then come back to this guide for more info.

Four Tools Refresher Handout