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Library Survival Kit: eBooks and Audiobooks!

Your survival guide for online library resources from Foley Library.

What Are My Options for Books When the Library's Closed?

An image of a print book next to an eBook. The cord of the ebook is tucked inside of the print book.

If the library is closed, how can we read books? It's true, physical books will not be accessible if the library building is closed. However, we've got tons of eBooks and Audiobooks you can read right now! In a way they're actually faster and easier to get than print books.

There are two easy ways to get access. First, you can search in the library catalog. Instructions are outlined below to the left. Second, you can search in a specific database. The best databases are listed below to the right.

How to Find eBooks in the Library Catalog

1. From the library home page, click "Advanced Search."

Screenshot: catalog search box on the library homepage. "Advanced Search" is circled in red.

2. On the Advanced Search Page, (1) select "Local Catalog" in Search Scope drop-down box, and (2) "Books" in the Material Type drop-down box. Next, (3) type in your keyword and (4) click Search.

Screencap: Advanced Search window of the library catalog. Search Scope: Local Catalog, and Material Type: Books are highlighted in red.

3. Once you've run your search, on the left-hand "Tweak my results" column under Availability, click on "Full Text Online" to see only eBooks the Library has immediate access to. You will be asked to log in with your GU credentials before you can get to full-text content.

Screenshot: catalog search for "fisheries" with parameters of Books and Local Catalog. "Availability: Full Text Online" is highlighted in red.

eBook & Audiobook Databases

Another way to locate eBooks and Audiobooks is to search in specific databases, such as these ones (GU login required):