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Counselor Education: Tests

Handouts on Tests

Test Evaluation

Evaluation of specific test instruments can be found in published reference books which are useful for students and professionals.   Listed here are several examples of resources which provide information on the validity and reliability and content of specifc instruments. 

Test Review Resources

To locate a specific test or instrument, use the Test Review Locator which will provide references to Mental Measurements Yearbook editions and also to Tests in Print.   MMY provides reviews of many tests in business, education, psychology and leadership.    In addition, you can use academic databases such as PscyINFO, ERIC and Business Source Complete to find academic journal articles and research studies on specific tests, if available.  

Search tips in PsycINFO

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Tests in Print

The resources listed here enable you to locate the publisher for a specifc test in psychology, education and business and other fields.   Most tests are generally available for use in an educational setting, in a clinical or counseling setting or for personnel selection, evaluation, development and promotion.  Some tests are limited to purchase by professionals in specific fields for test implementation.  

Databases for Academic Articles on Tests

After exploring the options for reviews of a specific test in MMY and Test Critiques and ofther reference sources, you may want to locate research articles on specific tests or instruments using the library databases for education, psychology and business, depending upon your field of study and test instrument focus.  The primary databases which include research articles on specific tests are ERIC, PsycINFO and Business Source Complete.