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Inspired Leadership: A Showcase of GU's Presidents: Case 5

Case 5

Fr. Daniel Reidy, S.J. 1927-1930 Program of Golden Jubilation as a Jesuit and Photograph of Fr. Joseph Cataldo S.J. and Fr. Reidy

Fr. John Keep, S.J. 1930-1934 News Clipping of His Appointment

Fr. Leo Robinson, S.J. 1934-1942 Golden Jubilee of Gonzaga University Pin

Fr. Leo Robinson, S.J. 1934-1942 Introduction to Sociology with Thought Questions

Fr. Francis Altman, S.J. 1942-1945 V-12 Curricula Books, Photograph of Fr. Altman and Fr. Arthur Dussault, S.J. with Military Officials on Campus, and a Letter Announcing a Military Ship Named S.S. Gonzaga Victory