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Simmons Insights: Getting Started

Databases for Marketing Classes

NOTE:  Simmons Insights was released in 2019 to replace the Simmons Oneview platform with a new updated and interactive version.  

Getting Started with Simmons Insights

Simmons Insights contains data from the National Consumer Study on:


  • consumer demographics and lifestyle characteristics
  • consumer psychographics characteristics (behaviors, attitudes, etc.) 
  • buying and media habits


 Based on a survey of several thousand households, it can be used to create customized reports analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of product users and their media behavior.  Use this guide to learn about the Simmons program, how to search it, and how to interpret the results of your search.

Simmons Insights is available for use via the library website .  The academic license provides access to data that is usually 2 years behind the current data.  Simmons Insights can be used by up to 10 searchers at the same time due to our academic licensing restrictions. The 11th person will receive a notification message that s/he needs to try later. When you finish using Simmons Insights please be sure to log out allowing another person to access and use Simmons Insights.

Message from Simmons: The new data is added upon renewal.  Academic access is two years behind our current commercial releases. We try our best to align all academic license to the releases as much as possible.


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