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Research Data Management Guide

A guide for managing data.

What Is Data? A Video

What Is Data? An Infographic

Infographic: What is Data?

Data is any kind of raw information that we work with in order to learn something:

  • Numerical data, including quantities, measurements, financial data, etc
  • Computer code
  • Images/graphical data
  • Lab notes, field notes
  • Interview transcripts
  • Sound recordings
  • Maps and GIS data
  • Works of art and literature
  • And more...

All of this data can and should be managed to ensure longevity, reproducibility, and confidentiality, dependent on needs.

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Data

Quantitative data is any data that is primarily numerical, i.e. it consists of quantities. This includes all kinds of data that can be counted, measured, calculated, and manipulated using mathematical formulas.

Qualitative data is that which cannot be reduced to numbers, and is often descriptive or observational in nature. Qualitative data includes information such as interview transcripts, field and lab notebooks, images and illustrations, and works of art and literature.

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