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Nursing 563


In this course, you'll be tasked with creating a research question focused around a clinical intervention. Once you have built a proper PICOT question, you will begin to find evidence to help answer your question.

This module will help guide you through the research portion of this assignment, specifically in finding and accessing evidence. You will need to have a fully formulated PICOT question before you start this process, as your PICOT question will help inform your search strategy, including finding search terms to use in the databases. 

If you are brand new to using the library databases and services and would like to see a general library orientation, check out the following video and / or resources.

Additional Help

Link to Online Library Orientation


The Basics: Welcome to the Foley Library!

If you are new to the Foley Library, this online orientation will guide you through the basics of using library resources, logging into your account and more.

Link to Searching For Health Evidence guide


Research Help

If you are new to medical research, this guide will introduce you to the basics of finding and accessing biomedical research

Link to EBP Guide


What is Evidence Based Practice?

This guide will introduce you to the concepts of Evidence Based Practice, including how to find evidence to support quantitative or qualitative research questions (PICOT and PEO) and critical appraisal tools for different types of research studies.

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