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Stress Relief Resources: Foley Crossword Answer Key

A guide for finding help on campus and resources for managing stress through humor, games, creativity, mindfulness, and more!

Foley Crossword Answer Key

Want to learn more about these Foley Resources? Each answer includes a link to information on that resource. 


4. PSALTER: Oldest book in Foley, circa 1475

6. NYT: Free subscription to this paper

  • Foley offer's student faculty and staff full subscriptions the the New York Times and the Wall Street journal, learn more on our Newspapers page.

10. ILL: Books and articles from other libraries

  • Short for Interlibrary Loan, ILL gives current students, faculty and staff access to books, articles, and other resources not held in the Foley collection.

11. SUMMIT: Books from UW, WSU, or other regional partners

  • Summit borrowing allows users to borrow books from our library consortia partners through the Primo library catalog. Gonzaga joined the Oribs Cascade Alliance of libraries in August of 2022. Learn more about the difference between Summit and ILL

13. OVERSIZED: Books so BIG they need their own section!

  • Oversized books are located on the second floor in the center of the building.  When locating a book in the library catalog pay attention to the location information along with the call number! For more details on Foley Locations check out our building maps.

14. GONZAGALIBRARY: Foley's IG handle

  • Foley is @gonzagalibrary on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter; follow us for information on library services and updates on when Therapy Dogs are visiting!

16. CROSBY: Library before Foley

  • Named after Gonzaga's most famous alumnus, Bing Crosby, the Crosby Library was opened on November 3, 1957.

17. ZAGCARD: Use this to access Foley past 5 PM

  • Foley is open to the public during the day, but after 5pm your Zagcard functions both as your building key, your library card, and your printing card. Library Hours are always up to date on our Hours Page.

19. BANKS: Oink oink visitor name

  • The always popular Banks the Pig, makes occasional appearances at Foley, keep an eye on our Instagram feed (@gonzagalibrary) for announcements about his visits. 

20. CHAT: How to get in touch with a librarian 24/7

  • Foley is part of a 24/7 library chat support system, reach out to a librarian anytime you need help, chat links are available on our homepage and also on the Contact page.


1. GUPRINT: Website used to print from personal device

  • allows users to submit print jobs from personal devices (while on campus) and then release documents at the nearest PaperCut printer.  Foley offers four printers, including the atrium location that is available 24/7, printers are also available in locations across campus.

2. CHASTEK: Name of Gonzaga’s law library

  • When searching for books you may see Chastek as a location, this is the law library located in the Law School Building. 

3. RESERVES: Where your professor may have left you a textbook

  • Course Reserves are materials  that your instructor has set aside for a specific course, these items are made available through the library.

5. ATRIUM: 24/7 printing available in this Foley location

  • Located inside the front doors of Foley, the atrium printer is available 24/7 with your Zagcard.

7. DATABASES: Full text articles and streaming videos found here

  • Foley subscribes to over 300 databases that include full text articles, streaming movies, music, and more.

8. NINETYTWO: Year Foley opened

9. THERAPYDOGS: Fuzzy friends that visit Foley

  • Therapy dogs come to Foley periodically to help students study and decompress, watch our Instagram feed (@gonzagalibrary) for announcements about their visits. 

12. MACBAR: Name of lower-level Apple computer area

15. LIBRARIAN: Specialist that can help jumpstart your research

18. UASC: Acronym for Foley’s special collections