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The Bible in the ANE Library Guide: Helpful Books and Selected Articles

Study Bible

The New Oxford Annotated Study Bible

Click here to access this study Bible as an ebook!

Three users are allowed to access this book at once. Please download the appropriate chapter subsection to your own device so that others can access the book online and do the same. 

Click "Show Subsections" to find the right chapterClicl "Show subsections"

Then click "Download PDF" for the chapter you want

Click "Download PDF"

Books and Articles!

Your professor has chosen a selection of articles and books that should prove helpful, and the library has rounded them up for you. You can find the list here: 

Here's how to get the text of an article from the list:

If you see this Download link, it means: Hurray, we were able to order a PDF and you can download the full text right now!

Check availability means we have access to this article through one or more of the library databases! Click here for a list of databases that include it and links to get the full text.

Most of these articles will be held in ebooks, which can only be viewed by one student at a time. However, the ebook will allow you to download the chapter to your device. Do this, then close the database, and that will allow another student to access the book.

If the ebook is not divided into chapters, you can still download a page range by following these instructions. First, click "What can I do," and then "Open in Reader."

Then choose "Print to PDF" and enter the page range for the article you want to download.

If check holdings is displayed, it means we have this article in a book. Click here to see where that book is shelved (see next picture)

Foley 1st Floor Reserves Starbuck. This tells you were the book is located. In this case it's on reserve behind the checkout desk. Just ask at the desk for it, and give your professor's name.