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DNAP 761

Getting Started

This guide will help you find and access research to help answer your clinical question. If you are new to using the Foley Library or to Evidence-Based Practice, we have a few primers to help you catch up.

Link to Online Library Orientation


The Basics: Welcome to the Foley Library!

If you are new to the Foley Library, this online orientation will guide you through the basics of using library resources, logging into your account and more.

Link to Nursing Resources 

Accessing Nursing Resources

Not sure which database to choose? Depending on your research question, the type of evidence you require may be different. This guide will help match you to the right type of database or resource

Link to EBP Guide


What is Evidence Based Practice?

This guide will introduce you to the concepts of Evidence Based Practice, including how to find evidence to support quantitative or qualitative research questions (PICOT and PEO) and critical appraisal tools for different types of research studies.

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