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Open Eduational Resources (OER)

This guide provides information about finding and using Open Educational Resources, or OER.

Why Choose OER?

OER Benefits for Faculty and Students

Benefits for faculty:

  • Allows faculty to customize teaching materials as they see fit 
  • Increases student engagement with assigned learning materials (Cutler 2018)
  • Increases student performance in the classroom, particularly for underrepresented and low-income students (Colvard, Watson, and Park 2018)
  • Faculty using OER are just as satisfied with the quality of the materials as colleagues using commercial alternatives (Seaman and Seaman, 2019)

Benefits for students:

  • Materials are free to access online and can be printed at low cost
  • Students can access materials before, during, AND after the course
  • No restrictions on how students can interact with the material (downloading, printing, using different viewers...)

OER vs. Affordable Course Materials

Affordable Course Material Options Table

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