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INDS 432 Foley Library Session 2: Put it to use!

Let’s put your investigative skills to work! Imagine you have a bad cold and stuffy nose that's driving you crazy. Over-the-counter medicines don't seem to be helping much. So you take to Google to look for something, anything to bring relief. In your research, you discover a site claiming that colloidal silver could help your cold. You pull up a couple other sites about colloidal silver and put them all in conversation with each other.

In the form below, you will be asked to visit three sites and answer questions (briefly - a sentence or two is fine) about each.

Scroll down in the form below to see all the questions. Click the "Next" button at the bottom left of the form to move to the next page.

Your answers are not recorded until you click the "Submit" button on the final page!

CCOW Exercise