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A research guide to introduce you to the field of education. You'll find the materials, search tools, and other resources you need to start your research. If you need any assistance, please contact your librarian.

Using Foley from Canada

As a Gonzaga student in Canada, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Getting & returning library materials

  • All articles are delivered electronically and often arrive the same day.
  • Books are mailed to you, so expect them to take a while. Mail delivery from the US to Canada can be slow! Allow 3-4 weeks for mail from Spokane to arrive.
  • Overdue on arrival?  If a library book arrives on your doorstep and it's already past the due date, notify us immediately and we'll give you additional time with the book.
  • There are no overdue fines for book from Foley Library, but books borrowed through interlibrary loan do have overdue charges.
  • You are responsible for replacement fees for books damaged or lost while in your possession.
  • Always try to return books on time, but if you need a little more time or if there's a problem with the return, let us know.  
  • You are responsible for return postage.

Alternatives to the postal service

  • If you will be visiting campus, we can hold materials here until you arrive. Send an email to and let us know when you will be on campus. 
  • Occasionally you might be able to make arrangements for a book to be delivered or returned by your Gonzaga-based professors. This is "above and beyond the call of duty" for them and is entirely at their discretion.  If you do make such an arrangement, contact us at and provide us with the all the details.

Getting a Canadian Thesis or Dissertation

  • You may want to check out the Theses Canada portal.  You can search the database to find theses and dissertations from Canadian universities. If you limit your search to "Electronic Theses" you will be able to view the documents online or download them to your desktop. There are interlibrary loan and purchase options for documents that are not available electronically.
  • Foley Library will request Canadian dissertations through interlibrary loan, but it may save time to try your local resources first. Why? Any Canadian thesis requested through interlibrary loan comes from the National Library of Canada. They mail it to us first and then we mail it to you. It can take weeks!  For this reason, we encourage you to give the Theses Canada Portal a try. You might also want to check your local library's policies for ordering Canadian dissertations.

Finding Articles about Canadian Research or in Canadian Journals

To limit a database search to retrieve articles from Canada or in Canadian journals, enter Canad* as a search term. Canad* tells the database to search for Canada and Canadian at the same time. 

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