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Math 301: Online Library Orientation: Welcome!

Course guide for Math 301.


Instructions: How to Use This Guide

This guide was developed to support you in your work for the main multi-part project in Math 301. It is broken down into bite-sized chunks, which you can access by using these tabs at the top of the page, that can help you with the various sections of the project, particularly Find A Paper and Find An Introductory Source (i.e. a textbook):

Screenshot of main assignment for math 301, with "Find a Paper" and "Find an Introductory Source" called out in red.

Under each tab, you will find information about that part of our library service. Don't hesitate! Dive right in! I suggest that you bookmark this guide for future referral.

Using the information in this guide, before our class session I would like you to complete 3 tasks:

  1. Complete a search in the library catalog. See if you can find a book that relates to your topic.
  2. Complete a search in the database Academic Search Complete. Take note of the number of results and whether they seem relevant. Can you find a recent article that looks useful?
  3. Create a RefWorks account, if you don't already have one set up.

In the library session, we will be delving into more advanced research skills that will build on what you learned in completing these tasks.

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