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Nursing 561


For this assignment, you'll need to create a searchable question using the PICOT format. Once you have your PICOT question, you can then extract search terms that can be used to find research in a database.

Creating a Clinical Question: PICO(T)

PICO is an acronym that can help you create a well-built clinical question by identifying the key aspects of a complex patient presentation. In addition to the four main concepts of a clinical questions (PICO), there are two additional factors that you can also include in your question:

  • Patient of Population or Problem: The disease or condition you are investigating, and the particular demographic you are wanting to learn about (if applicable)
  • Intervention or Indicator: Primary treatment option
  • Comparison or Control: Comparison treatment (if applicable)
  • Outcome: What you you expect to see?


In addition to the major PICO components, there are two additional (optional) factors that you may want to include in your question:


  • Timeline**: Time it takes to demonstrate a clinical outcome or how long patients are observed.
  • Study Type: What kind of study would best answer this question (i.e., RCT, Case Series, etc.).

** Note that the timeframe does not always show up in the abstract. If you aren't getting enough results, you may need to remove this from your search, and just eliminate results that don't fit your preferred timeframe in the Prisma screening section.

Get additional information about PICO:

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