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ENGL 202 Science Fiction Research: Research Overview

A guide for Spring 2021 ENGL 202 students to learn how to research and cite.

Databases can offer a place to find thousands of articles in one spot. Using your AND/OR/NOT operators you can combine many different search facets to (often) find exactly what you want.

The databases below are the best options at Gonzaga for helping you with this topic.

Gale Literary Database allows you to search by Author Name and Work.

JSTOR is completely full text, and allows you to search by discipline specific journals.

MLA International Bibliography gives the most direct research based literature articles, but is primarily index only. So you will most likely have to place an Interlibrary Loan request.

Figuring out what information on the internet can be trusted, and what cannot is an ever changing game. This is why Information Literacy is so important, because what is true today, may not be true in a year from now, but you will have the skill to apply to new information.

Googling can be very helpful to figure out many things, but for academic articles, there's a difference between a popular website and a well sourced and researched informative document. Figuring out the value of a document can involve several factors such as:

  1.  Is a Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary Source?
  2. Does the site reaffirm your beliefs or try to make an appeal to your emotions?
  3. Does the site come from a well known reputable source? How do you know if something is reputable?

In general, if you're searching Google, you want to try and pay attention to things like, is this a research paper, is it a pre-print, who is the publisher, etc.


When researching fiction, there are a few different avenues to begin on. Are you looking for Criticism, Reviews, or Biographies about the author?

There are a few main sources to begin your research: the catalog, databases, and web research.

First, try the library catalog to find items in the building or electronic books and articles in our databases. I used the AND operator to search an author name AND an item category I'm looking for.

Try practicing in the catalog search below.

JSTOR defaults to searching all full text options, and covers a wide array of options. You can do journal searching and scope your search to focus only on Literature resources.

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