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ENGL 202 Science Fiction Research: Using Gale Literature Center

A guide for Spring 2021 ENGL 202 students to learn how to research and cite.

Differentiating Gale Resources

There are many databases in the A-Z list that start with Gale (a vendor), and many that have the word "Literature" in them. It's confusing, even for librarians!

All are good, but for your search please focus mostly on Gale Literature Resource Center.

Others that might be helpful are listed below:


Gale Literature Resource Center Scope

The Gale Literature Resource Center is smaller in scope and tends to have primarily biographies and articles about established authors in the canon. So while you will find many historic authors in there, not many living authors are indexed in there yet.

For example, despite having won multiple Hugo Awards, and being well known in the science fiction world, NK Jemison is still actively publishing and has not yet been added into the Gale Literature Resource Center.