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ENGL 202 Science Fiction Research: Using JSTOR

A guide for Spring 2021 ENGL 202 students to learn how to research and cite.

Refining JSTOR

JSTOR is a humanities focused database that has items in full-text. You can narrow your scope by limiting your journal selections to only journals within a specific subfield:

For your field, "Language & Literature" will likely yield good results.

Reading JSTOR Articles

A JSTOR article can be read in full text within the webpage, as well as downloaded to be read later. It also gives you the ability to search within the article to find all locations where your search term appears. This is useful when searching for a very specific phrase, but if you have a general term like "science fiction" it may appear many times on several pages.

Here you can see the first page of the article and quickly scan through it. Similarly, you can see there were 27 instances of my search term in the article, and if we clicked on it, it would show on each page that the term appeared.  We can also click on the journal title to browse the issue or journal itself. For an issue like, a special topic on science fiction, we may want to read the whole issue.