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The Moose is Loose!: Gonzaga University Honors Program: Exhibit Info

"The Moose is Loose": Gonzaga University Honors Program - Introduction

  "The Moose is Loose"                 "Keeping awkward kids out of your core classes since 1958"

This exhibit was created for the first annual Gonzaga University Honors Program Gala. The exhibit covers the history of the Honors Program at Gonzaga from its founding in 1958 to the present day. It also showcases the unique opportunities for academic and personal growth afforded students through the Honors Program. The Gonzaga University Honors Program is characterized by its tight knit, quirky community and its emphasis on a challenging, discussion based curriculum.

The exhibit was curated by Margaret Thompson-Johnston (Honors Program class of 2016) in collaboration with Fr. Tim Clancy, S. J. (Director of the Honors Program) and Dr. Linda Tredennick (Assistant Director of the Honors Program).

Thank you to Chris Birmingham (Honors Program class of 2015) and the Gonzaga Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for the loan of their prosthetic hand.

With special thanks to Stephanie Plowman (Special Collections Librarian, Foley Library) for her support and direction.

Special Collections Librarian

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Stephanie Plowman