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Black History Display Case: Dr. Jane Goodall

Supplementary materials for the main floor display case in Foley Center.

Goodall @ Gonzaga

Foley Center Library joins Gonzaga University in welcoming renowned primatologist and conservationist Jane Goodall to our campus. Dr. Goodall will present at the McCarthey Athletic Center on April 9, 2013 at 7pm. This guide consists of materials and resources on primatology and conservation, with an emphasis on Dr. Goodall's work. 

Primatology Web Resources

Washington State is home to primatology research centers (University of Washington & Central Washington University). Also listed below are selected national organizations for professional research, rescue and education on the topic of primatology.

60 Minutes: Jane Goodall & Her Chimps

Ayumu & Ai: Studies in Animal Intelligence

Ai is a thoroughly modern chimpanzee: researchers have taught her to be familiar with language and numbers, to work with tools, and even how to use a computer to earn coins to buy treats from a vending machine. In this program, scientists at the Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University, study Ai’s son, Ayumu, to see if he will prove capable of picking up the same skills by simply watching his mother and other chimps—and perhaps even surpass them. The astonishing results of Ayumu’s efforts provide new insights into animal—and human—intelligence. (54 minutes, 2003)

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Foley Databases for Conservation & Primatology

Conservation & the Environment: Government Agencies & Organizations