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Lyon and the Jesuits, as Told by their Books: Case 1: Introduction

This guide is a student project produced by History Department intern Cora Kim, Fall Semester, 2019.


This exhibit displays books accumulated by Jesuits and printed in Lyon.  A glowing cultural and intellectual center, Lyon was a capital of printing and experienced firsthand the transformations in Europe from 1500-1800.  These books are works of art as well as pieces of Lyon’s history.






Courtesy of the Archives Françaises de la Compagnie de Jésus

A view over the Fourvière district in the city of Lyon, located just next to the Espace Saint Ignace (left), and an outside view of the Espace Saint Ignace, the home of Lyon's Jesuits (right). 

Cardon's wood-bound volume





Lorin, Jean de. 1605. Ioannis Lorini Avenionensis, Societatis Iesu, in Acta Apostolorum Commentaria... Lugduni: Apud Horatium Cardon.

Notice the wood covers, intact metal clasps, and elaborate frontispiece on this scriptural commentary written by Fr. Jean de Lorin, S.J. and published by Horatius Cardon in 1605.

Fr. Olivia's decorated commentary


Oliva, Giovanni Paolo. 1677. Joannis Pauli Oliva E Societate Jesu, in Selecta Scripturae Loca Ethicae Commentationes .. Lugduni: Sumptibus FFr. Anissoniorum et Joannis Posuel.

This 1677 religious work by Fr. Giovanni Paolo Olivia, S.J. has elaborate opening pages and decorated text throughout.


Vellum volume

Sylveira, João da. 1697. R.P.D.F. Joannis Da Sylveira Olyssip. Carmelitae... Lugduni: Sumptibus Anisson, & Posuel.

This commentary published by the famous Anisson house in 1697 has a high quality vellum binding and remains in very good condition.


Leather-bound Cardon volume

Lorin, Jean de. 1606. Ioannis Lorini Avenionensis, Societatis Iesu, Commentarii in Ecclesiasten... Lugduni: Sumptibus Horitij Cardon.

Another work by Fr. Lorin, this commentary published by Cardon in 1606 and bound in ornamented leather illustrates the prolificacy and influence of the Jesuits in Lyon.


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