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Lyon and the Jesuits, as Told by their Books: Case 3: Les Freres Bruyset

This guide is a student project produced by History Department intern Cora Kim, Fall Semester, 2019.

The Bruyset Brothers Publishing

The Frères Bruyset demonstrate the changes in the printing trade since the time of Horatius Cardon one hundred years earlier.  Active in the early and middle 1700s, the Bruyset brothers printed popular religious books that remained in the Jesuit tradition.  Their books are smaller, written in French, and much closer to today’s book, illustrating the rise of literacy and the popular book during the eighteenth century.

Methode Practique Pour Converser Avec Dieu




Franc, Antoine. 1738. Methode Pratique Pour Converser Avec Dieu. Lyon: Chez les Freres Bruyset.

This book by Fr. Antoine Franc, S.J. describes “Practical Methods for Speaking with God”.  Fr. Franc mentions in the introduction that this book applies to all people, placing it with a later tradition that appealed to a broader and more literate public.

Fr. Bourdaloue's Sermons



Bourdaloue, Louis. 1769. Sermons Du Pere Bourdaloue De La Compagnie De Jesus. Lyon: Pierre Bruyset-Ponthus.

This written record of sermons given by Fr. Bourdaloue, S.J., are the latest books from Lyon held in the Foley Archives, published in 1769.  Their poor condition, with the spines nearly entirely worn away demonstrates that they were bound relatively cheaply.

Fr. Colombiere's Sermons


La Colombière, Claude de. 1757. Sermons Prêchés Devant Son Altesse Royale... Lyon: Chez Jean-Marie Bruyset.

This book of sermons was written by Fr. Claude La Colombière, S.J.  Notice the similar binding and subject manner to the other Bruyset books.

Fr. Croiset's series on piety





Croiset, Jean. 1751. La Vie De Notre Seigneur Jesus-Christ... Lyon: Chez les Frères Bruyset, rue Mercière, au Soleil, & à la Croix d'Or.

This book on the lives of Jesus and Mary was part of a series on piety written by Fr. Jean Croiset, S.J.  Notice the similar leather binding style to the other books.