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Lyon and the Jesuits, as Told by their Books: Case 2: Horatius Cardon

This guide is a student project produced by History Department intern Cora Kim, Fall Semester, 2019.

Horatius Cardon Publishing

Horatius Cardon, who printed often counter-Reformation Jesuit works in the early 1600s, was one of the publishers supported by the Lyon Jesuits.  During the 16th-18th centuries, the Church was the greatest patron of printers and most published books were theological in nature.  Ornately bound and with a distinctive style, Cardon’s books reflect the strong Jesuit influence and ideology at this period in Lyon.

Juan Azor

Azor, Juan. 1603. Institutionum Moralium : In Quibus Universae... Lugduni: Horatii Cardon.

This work on Christian moral theology is by Fr. Juan Azor, a Spanish Jesuit.  Its quality leather binding as well as the academic theological subject makes it typical of a Cardon publication.

Fr. Boverio's theological work








Boverio, Zaccaria. 1617. Demonstrationes Symbolorum Verae... Lugduni: Sumptibus Horatii Cardon.

This work on Catholic theology was published in 1617 and defends against opposing theology.  It was rebound but its elaborate frontispiece is very much in Cardon’s style.


Fr. Lorini's commentary






———. 1617. Ioannis Lorini, Societatis Iesu, Commentariorum in Librum Psalmorum... Lugduni: Sumptibus Horatii Cardon.

These volumes of biblical commentary on the Psalms were also published in 1617 and have a high quality vellum binding and an ornate frontispiece that fit Cardon’s style.


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