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Food & Cooking: Start Here

Resources for learning more about food and cooking, including recipe sources and techniques for domestic, ethnic, and regional cuisines.

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Food & Cooking Resources Overview

Food is basic. As nutrition, it is something we all need. As a bearer of flavor and texture (and micro-organisms) it can be a source of considerable pleasure and/or pain. As a limited commodity, it carries moral and ethical implications. This research guide was created because of the fundamental role it plays in our lives, and the connections it has to so much of what we think, believe, and do.

Because of its role in so many parts of our lives, many of the widely available resources are commercial in nature. Despite this, there are many free resources available as well. This resource guide links to both types with the goal of connecting to the widest range of information resources available. Please note that links to blogs, Web pages, etc. outside of the Gonzaga University network does not imply approval of the author('s') views, opinions, etc.

Please let me know if this guide has been useful to you, and if you have other sites (or resources) you think may be useful to others so that they can be taken into consideration for future revisions of this guide.

Bon appétit!