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History (World) 2019

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World History Call Numbers

These are the Library of Congress call numbers for world history. You can go to these letters on the library shelves and you will find books about the history of each area. (Ask at the Information Desk if you have trouble finding the sections.)

D - History (General)
DA - Great Britain
DAW - Central Europe
DB - Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia France - Andorra - Monaco 

DC - France - Andorra - Monaco

DD - Germany
DE - Greco-Roman World
DF - Greece
DG - Italy - Malta
DH - Low Countries - Benelux Countries 

DJ - Netherlands (Holland)
DJK - Eastern Europe (General)
DK - Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland Northern Europe. Scandinavia
DL - Spain - Portugal
DP - Switzerland
DQ - Balkan Peninsula
DS - Asia
DT - Africa
DU - Oceania (South Seas)
DX - Romanies 


Click here for a PDF of a complete list of call numbers for world history.


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