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Human Physiology

Finding Books

Accessing Ebooks

Using Primo

GU students and faculty can use Primo to search for books, media, journal articles and more. Primo also allows you to search the collections of other libraries throughout the Pacific Northwest and request material to be delivered to Foley Library. Requesting is incredibly easy and books are generally delivered in 2-5 days -- just make sure to change your search scope to search for materials at Gonzaga Libraries + Summit.

The amount of materials available in the combined collections of Summit is vast, but if you still aren't finding the book you are looking for, use our free Interlibrary Loan service to request books not readily available.

Browse Books by Subject

Books are shelved by subject -- if you know where to look, you can browse the physical collection. Here are the call numbers for some subjects related to Human Physiology (located on the third floor of the Foley Library):

In addition to content from the Foley Library, you can also request print materials from Summit -- simply change the search scope to show materials from Gonzaga + Summit!


Human Physiology Featured Books

Beyond Foley

If you can't find the material you need at Foley Library, check WorldCat, a database of titles from libraries worldwide. WorldCat allows you to locate your desired materials (books, movies, music, etc.) at other area libraries, or order them to be delivered to Gonzaga for free through our Interlibrary Loan service.

Quick Tip: Searching Google Books

One resource that the library highly recommends is using Google Books. The great thing about Google Books is that many of the titles are fully scanned, so you can search within a text by keyword. Copyright restrictions might prevent you from being able to see the entire book, but you can at least read portions of the text to see if the book is applicable to your research. 

If you find a book you'd like to borrow, check the Foley Library catalog to see if we have the book. If we don't, you can request it via Interlibrary Loan!

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