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LGBTQIA+ Health: Home

About this guide

As our community is complex and varying, there is no one-size fits all approach to LGBTQIA+ health care; a faculty member at Boston University School of Medicine noted that “’s not just that trans people have different needs than lesbians – there are different needs even within the trans communities.” That being said, we all have to start somewhere. This guide is by no means comprehensive, and is meant to be a starting point for practitioners (including nursing and medical students and faculty) in learning about providing culturally competent health care, as well as providing local and national resources for LGBTQIA+ patients. 

The Practitioner Resources page provides practitioners with guidelines, best practices, and professional development opportunities for advancing competencies around working with LGBTQIA patients.

The Improving Medical Education section includes resources and information about addressing LGBTQ+ health in medical curriculum, with information for both students and faculty who want to advocate for change. 

The LGBTQ+ Research page is for anyone looking for healthcare research about the LGBTQ+ community, and provides links to databases and resources, along with tips for conducting a successful search.

And finally, the Patient Resources page has resources for LGBTQ+ identified folks who want to learn about local and national resources, tips on advocating for health care, and consumer health information. 

General Resources

If you are new to thinking about LGBTQIA identities and issues, hello and welcome! Here are a few suggestions for getting started with LGTBA+ studies; we also suggest you check out GU's Lincoln Resource Center for local resources and community.

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