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The Codex & The Helix: Book Arts Exploring Evolution: Beyond the 6th Extinction: A Fifth Millennium Bestiary

In February of 2009, Foley Library marked the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, with a small collection of original juried artist's books that faithfully portray the science behin

Beyond the 6th Extinction: A Fifth Millennium Bestiary

by  Shawn W. Sheehy

Artist's Statement:

In "The Sixth Extinction," Richard Leakey describes five major catastrophes that led to significant extinctions; the last of which was the meteor impact that eliminated the dinosaurs.  He theorizes that the sixth big extinction--authored by humans--is well under way. 

If humans are successful in instigating a profound die-off, undoubtedly some creatures will survive and differentiate to fill the niches evacuated by extinguished species.  This book features eight of these evolved creatures, featured in their post-apocalyptic environments and accompanied by text that describes each creature and its role in restoring a healthful environment.

Beyond the 6th Extinction 1Beyond the 6th Extinction 2Beyond the 6th Extinction 3Beyond the 6th Extinction 4Beyond the 6th Extinction 5Beyond the 6th Extinction 6Beyond the 6th Extinction 7Beyond the 6th Extinction 8Beyond the 6th Extinction 9