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The Codex & The Helix: Book Arts Exploring Evolution: Variations on the Dialectic Between Mingus and Pithecanthropus erectus

In February of 2009, Foley Library marked the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and the 150th anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species, with a small collection of original juried artist's books that faithfully portray the science behin

Variations on the Dialectic Between Mingus and Pithecanthropus erectus

by Lynn Sures, Rick Potts, and Terrence Chouinard

Artists' Statement:

Based on Charles Mingus' musical work, Pithecanthropus erectus, images and words weave the factual tale of the discovery of early hominid Pithecanthropus erectus together with the music's story:

...the first man to stand erect...overcome with self-esteem, he goes out to rule the world...divided into four movements: (1) evolution, (2) superiority-complex, (3) decline, (4) destruction. (From Mingus' liner notes for the original LP release.)

Lynn Sures produced watermarked handmade hemp sheets and abaca pulp paintings for the book. Her letterpress-printed woodcut images incorporate polymer plate text. Original text is written by paleoanthropologist Rick Potts. Printing is by Terrence Chouinard.

Variations on the Dialectic 1Variations on the Dialectic 2Variations on the Dialectic 3Variations on the Dialectic 4