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ESL: Books

PZ2 Section

The PZ2 section of the library is a place where you can find graded readers and other simplified reading material.

The call numbers from PZ2.2 through PZ2.6 have been graded for difficulty, following the guidelines of the Extensive Reading Foundation. This system is based on the number of headwords (HW), or groups of words that share the same basic meaning. The books in this range of call numbers have colored tape on their spine that corresponds to the level of difficulty, and within each color, there is a range of difficulty that increases from A to C (so PZ2.3C will be slightly easier than PZ2.4A). As headwords are just one means of determining how difficult a book will be for any individual, always use your own judgment when choosing books to read.

Books with call numbers beginning with PZ2.1 were not classified by headwords, and so you will find different levels of difficulty. They were grouped by series as much as possible, so please browse this area to find titles that you like. The PZ2.7 area has books that have not been simplified, but may also be of interest to you.

PZ2.1  Simplified, but not graded

PZ2.2  Beginner, 1-300 HW (yellow)

PZ2.3  Elementary, 301-800 HW (pink)

PZ2.4  Intermediate, 801-1500 HW (blue)

PZ2.5  Upper Intermediate, 1501-2400 HW (green)

PZ2.6  Advanced, 2401-4500 HW (lavender)

PZ2.7  Not simplified or graded


Curriculum Area

The Curriculum area is another part of the library where students and others can find books to read. This area is now located in the middle of the second floor near the stairs. You can find material by browsing the shelves or by using the catalog. Try browsing by Library of Congress call number...

PZ3 takes you to children's books

PZ4 leads to young adult books

The books that you find in this area are not always simplified, but you may find them enjoyable!

Audiobooks and eBooks

Learn how to access eBooks and audiobooks at the Foley Media Portal.

Gonzaga Library Search

Start here to find thousands of books, media, and scholarly journal articles housed at Foley and available to you electronically.

Beyond Foley

If you can't find the material you need at Foley Library, check WorldCat, a database of titles from libraries worldwide. WorldCat allows you to locate your desired materials (books, movies, music, etc.) at other area libraries, or order them to be delivered to Gonzaga for free through our Interlibrary Loan service.