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Online & Distant Students: Study Abroad

Library services and tips for students enrolled in online and off-campus programs.

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Gonzaga In Florence

Foley Library Abroad

Link to:  Gonzaga's Study Abroad Programs

Many library services are still available to Gonzaga students studying in other countries:

  • Periodicals @ Foley, your gateway to online full-text articles from the university's electronic journal subscriptions and online databases.
  • PRIMO to search for articles and e-books.   
  • ILLiad - If you need an article from a journal that we don't have at Foley or if you need one from the library's physical journal collection, submit a request through ILLiad. Articles are delivered to your ILLiad account in PDF form.
  • Research assistance via e-mail or online chat. 

Do I need my Gonzaga ID number to use the library?

You will need your Gonzaga ID number to access your library account or log into PRIMO and when you register for an ILLiad  account.

Can I get books sent to me?

  • Sorry, but the of the cost and time involved to ship books overseas (not to mention what it would cost you to return them) prevents us from offering our usual book loan service while you are abroad. 
  • Check out our e-book collections!

How do I get articles?

  • Searching library databases is a great way to find articles. To use the databases from off-campus, log in with the same username and password you use for ZagMail or Blackboard.  If you have trouble logging in contact the IT Support Center -
  • Foley subscribes to a number of databases and journals that provide articles in full-text (PDF or HTML format). If an article isn't available in full-text from the database you're searching in, click on the the link: 'check SFX for full-text options'. That link takes you to Periodicals @ Foley, which is the list of all the journals (online and in print) available to you through Foley Library.
  • If the article you need isn't available online from any Foley database, use ILLiad to request the article.

How long will it take to receive an article once I put in the request?

  • You will get most articles within a day or so of placing the request. Articles we get for you from another library through the interlibrary loan may take a little longer.

How will I receive an article I've requested through ILLIad?

  • A PDF of the article will be posted to your ILLiad account and you will be notified by e-mail when it is available. It's a good idea to save a copy of the article right away as it will be removed from the ILLiad server after 30 days.

How will you know where I am?

  • You will have to tell us!
  • Please update your ILLiad account:
    • change your status to "STUDY ABROAD"
    • enter your program or country location as your street address (ex: London Program).
    • Put an 'x' in other fields that don't apply to your current situation.
  • Remember to update ILLiad account information when you come back, too.