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University Archives & Special Collections (UASC)

Department Exhibits

UASC staff or student interns use the adjacent Cowles Rare Book Reading Room to curate several public exhibitions per year. This ongoing activity supports students' educational endeavors and highlights department holdings. Occasionally our exhibits are designed to augment university events or participate in the intellectual life of the campus community. We welcome new ideas.


"Christian Identity" in the Northwest: Where White Supremacy and Religion Intersect

Curated by Amelia Skiles '23, Fall Semester 2022

This exhibit explores the ways in which Christian Identity groups use religion to justify and defend their bigotry and violence. These groups selectively interpret and twist the Bible to support their white supremacy and other hateful ideologies. It also looks at some of the reasons the Northwest has become a magnet for self-identified Christian white supremacists and their impact on local communities, including the criminal and violent activity they have engaged in.

Online edition

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