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First Class Law School, or None at All: GU Law School Turns 100: Exhibition Overview

“A First Class Law School, or None at All": GU Law School Turns 100

“A First Class Law School, or None at All": GU Law School Turns 100

As the Law School celebrates its centennial, this exhibition looks back and reflects on the law school’s rich history. Founded on the motto “A First Class Law School, or None at All” the law school opened its doors on October  1, 1912 with two classrooms set aside on the third floor of the Administration Building (now known as College Hall). A three-year program was offered in the evening, five nights a week with two instructors.  Saturdays were for debates and special assignments.  In those early days law school classes were taught primarily by lawyers and judges who volunteered their evenings after serving long days practicing law.

 Not every aspect of Gonzaga Law School storied years could be covered in the exhibit space, but the items are representing the variety of people and events. The exhibit is divided into 7 categories/cases: 1912 - 1940; 1941 - 1969; 1970 - 1980; 1981 - 1998; 1999 - 2012; Student Activities; Faculty.

Most items are from the Gonzaga University Archives; a few have been loaned from the Law School for the exhibition. The physical exhibit will be open weekdays 10:00 – 4:30 starting on March 1, 2013 and ending May15, 2013. There will be special extended viewing hours for various Centennial events.

To find out more about Gonzaga’s law school history go to:

Special Collections Librarian

Stephanie Plowman

Exhibition Info

Hours: Weekdays 10 – 4:30


Open Through May 15, 2013


Foley Library, 3rd Floor


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